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Johansen Piano Studio

Congratulations on choosing to participate in piano lessons! Music has been found to enrich the lives of all who participate in its creation or in its enjoyment. When you choose to take music lessons, you are choosing to learn a skill that will benefit you and bring you joy your entire life! No price can be put on such a beautiful art as music.

When a child learns to play piano, they not only learn how to read music, practice and perform but they also learn how to cope with pressure, how to deal with criticism, how to work even when they don’t feel like it, how to cope with “the referee’s decision”, how to “get back on the horse”, how to meet long-term deadlines, how to meet short term deadlines, they develop focus, they learn the power of positive assumptions, they learn that progress is not always linear and they learn to be more compassionate and empathetic human beings.

The Johansen Piano Studio offers a student centered approach. Each lesson is carefully crafted for individual students. The first few years of lessons will be focused on the fundamentals of becoming a musician. These will be taught through various method books, games and activities. As the student grows they become more involved in the direction of their studies. Whether the student wants to pursue a traditional classical path or a more contemporary pop approach, Mrs. Johansen is there to listen, guide and encourage. 

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